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Technique III

A uniquely wonderful class that is designed to give you the tools to be the best dancer you can be.  The focus is on a ballet barre, ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary centre and across the floor exercises as well as strengthening and flexibility training.  Class placement is decided by years of experience and ultimately by studio director.


III: 12-18yrs.  2-5 years of weekly ballet/tech. classes and teacher approval

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Ampersand Academy Policies and Guidelines

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Attendance & Punctuality
We believe that the decision to study dance involves a personal commitment on the part of each and every student to attend class regularly and should be undertaken only with the full intention of completing the entire session of dance.  A great deal of time goes into each student on behalf of their instructor to prepare lessons and choreograph dances to help each student to develop to the best of their ability.  When students do not take this commitment seriously, not only does it set back the instructors lessons but the artistry of the planned choreography.  Dance is a group effort and absences affect everyone.  Understanding the importance of making a commitment is a valuable part of dance education.  That being said, we do understand that situations may come up that are beyond control.  Please note that missed classes are non-refundable.  If the missed class is an excused absence (teacher notified of absence before the scheduled class) the students are encouraged to make up the class by attending another class of an equal or lower level.

Students should not be brought to the studio more than 10 minutes before the scheduled classes and should be picked up immediately following class dismissal.  Students are to remain inside the building (or directly outside the door) until parents pick them up.  Our only concern in this matter is your child’s safety and well being.

Please make sure that your child is on time for class.  It is essential that all dancers get appropriate warm-up needed to avoid injury.

All staff, students and parents/guardians are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which promotes mutual respect and a positive learning environment.  Every student is expected to conform to these rules and regulations.  Disruptive, derogatory, demeaning or abusive behavior is not tolerated and can result in expulsion from AADPA.  In the event that a student is disruptive the parent/guardian will be contacted to help find a solution.

We reserve the right to dismiss any student for the following reasons:
Non- payment of class tuition
Not observing the rules of the studio
A child has special needs which we can not adequately meet with current staff and studio
Physical and or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child.

Excellent results require cooperation and understanding between the parents, students and teachers.  In order to achieve this goal, we will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns with parents/guardians.  Email or call us to set up a meeting - Please do not interrupt teachers while class is in progress.  If your child is not having a positive experience please communicate with us.  It is our goal to produce healthy, happy and educated dancers!

Full or partial payment of 1/3 the full tuition is due before the start of the scheduled first class of the session.
Tuition must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the end of the session.  Students with outstanding balances may not be permitted to perform in the dance concert at the end of the session.
There is a $25 fee on all returned checks.
There are no refunds available, as we are reserving a class space for you/your child.

Studio/ Waiting room rules
NO GUM is allowed in the building.
All students must use the restroom before attending class.
No student is permitted to leave the building without an adult, unless student has provided AADPA with a permission slip.
Hair must be pulled back and away from the face.
Jewelry must be kept to a minimum.  Long earrings and dangling bracelets can easily get caught.
Street shoes are not permitted in the studios at any time.
Dance shoes are not to be worn outside.
It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the waiting room clean and QUIET.
We are not responsible for unsupervised children.

What do I wear?
BALLET, TECHNIQUE, CREATIVE MOV.-   Required:  Leotard (colors per age.  please ask Rachel ), Tights (of any style or color), canvas or leather shoes in beige, nude or pink.  Optional additions:  Ballet skirt, spandex of any length, soffe shorts, above the knee skirt, ballet wrap, tight tank top.
TAP, HIP HOP, COMPANY -AADPA does not enforce a strict dress code for tap, company or hip hop classes.  Please wear comfortable clothes that allow the body to move easily and without restrictions.  Extremely loose fitted garments are NOT recommended for students as they prohibit the instructor and student from being able to see proper body placement and alignment.  Leotards, tights and dance pants, shorts, or skirts are preferred.  Jeans or street pants may NOT be worn to any class.  If your child shows up to class in jeans they will be asked to watch class for the day.  Tap shoes must be black flats - Hip Hop shoes may be black or multi-colored.  All Hip Hop dancers (grades 4-12)must have hip hop sneakers.

We cannot allow observers during scheduled classes.  We offer one observation day per session so that you can see your child’s progress.  Some younger students have a difficult time participating in class when their parents are watching and older students sometimes feel intimidated by their presence.   We encourage parents of our 3-5 yr. olds to wait in the waiting room.  This gives your child a sense of security and they love running out at the end of the class to show you what they have learned.  

Snow or bad weather
If at any time it is necessary to cancel lessons due to bad weather such as snow or ice, there will be postings on the website as well as channels 6/nbc and 8/abc (final decision will be made by 2:00pm).

Parents, legal guardians of minor students, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on Company property, or during a performance, resulting from normal class activity or any other activity conducted by the students, before, during or after a class or performance.

Photo release
The Company is hereby granted permission to take photographs of the students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials the company creates.  Permission is also hereby granted for the company to copyright such photographs in its name.

AADPA reserves the freedom to change any program, policy, requirement, or regulation as published at any time. Thank you for dancing with us!

I have read and understand the policies set forth by Rachel of AADPA and agree to follow them.    I also recognize that failure to comply with school policies may result in the dismissal or me or my child from the school.

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Signature  (of parent/guardian)                                                                                   Date

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