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Technique III

A uniquely wonderful class that is designed to give you the tools to be the best dancer you can be.  The focus is on a ballet barre, ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary centre and across the floor exercises as well as strengthening and flexibility training.  Class placement is decided by years of experience and ultimately by studio director.


III: 12-18yrs.  2-5 years of weekly ballet/tech. classes and teacher approval

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Competition Teams

Rachel Waterbury
Class Description:

Students who wish to take their dancing to the next level may pick up a competition sheet from Rachel.  This sheet consists of 9-12 dance steps, combos, and warm-ups that must be individually checked off before entrance into the class is allowed.  This means that it is the responsibility of the student to work hard and learn the proper technique.  By using this method (as opposed to an audition) it is the directors’ hope that the student will take the class more seriously and be more rewarded by the outcome.  The class is open for the first three weeks of the session.  Students may show (complete) a task before or after a class only.  If the student does not complete the full sheet within the 3 weeks, the student does not have to start over the next time.  Just keep the sheet and practice those moves that are in need of perfection! :)  It is very rewarding to compete and I hope those who wish to commit will give it a try!


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Summer 2018 Session

Tue, Jun 20th - Tue, Aug 22nd

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Fall 2018

Sun, Sep 9th - Sat, Dec 22nd

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You're a mean one...

Fri, Dec 14th - Sat, Dec 15th

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